… essays on the Starr trek

Can’t Explain

What creates an attraction in the mind when explainable phenomena – such as pheromones – are absent?

Some attractions that intrigue me are:
*Maori culture, wars, customs (except the eating of body parts of foes);
*Tengriism – I originally thought it was a Native American religion, and now understand how is comes from Turkmen peoples and co-exists with Buddhism in Kyrgystan;
*Younger, plumpish dark-haired women (is this just my Anima?);
*The game of Civilization (now in it’s fifth iteration) – do I just want conquer the world?
*Blaise Pasqual? & The Three Musketeers? (are these a seventeenth-century Francophillia?) – including Richelieu and Mazarin;
*some aspects of Catholiscism – Jesuits, St. Francis of Assissi, the Council of Nicea
*the possible population of Earth from Mars, as postulated in Genisis: the first book of Revelations by David Wood;



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